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” Your best mum friend in a box.”

The Free Box

The Free Box.

Mamarinth – Best mum friend in a box.
We all need that great mum friend who knows the best baby friendly café or perfect play session but what if that information could come through your door in a handy little box FOR FREE?

Perhaps you’re pregnant and looking for a great massage or yoga session, have a new baby and want to meet other mums, or are struggling with a super energetic toddler who’s always on the go. Our free box is there to help you navigate that confusing labyrinth of motherhood. No cost, no fuss, just the perfect information right when you need it from Mamarinth to East Sussex mums.

How our free box can help.

Your child is always growing and changing, and your needs might be changing too.

Let Mamarinth be your best mum friend in a box. Appearing at your door when you need it most to lend a helping hand. Brimming with a range of resources and information from local businesses you can browse your free box as and when you like. As things change for you and your child, we’ll send you a whole new box without you even needing to think about it and it wont cost you a penny.

How it works.

Simply tell us a little about yourself and with just a few details we’ll send you a FREE box suitable for your area of East Sussex. We know children grow up fast so you can tell us how often you’d like another free box so that you can check out anything new. You’ll  find a range of information in our boxes so that you can see what might be available as your child grows or should things change to.

The businesses that we work with are all committed to helping local mums and we’ve asked them to contribute a little something extra for our BONUS BOXES. It could be a voucher, freebie or goodie to be sent out at random in our lucky pink bonus boxes.

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We know just how hard it can be to navigate the Mamarinth…

Sometimes other local businesses are recommended to you but lots of mums haven’t taken their first step into the Mamarinth yet. It can be a daunting place but, we’ll be here every step of the way to guide you through to the perfect services for you and your little one.

We’ve done the hard work for you by chatting to hundreds of local bump, mum, baby and toddler businesses across East Sussex. We’ve split that information into 3 boxes to keep the information we provide local to you.


No Cost

We charge businesses to use our services so that we can provide a box to you absolutely free.

Easy to use

Simply tell us a little about yourself and we’ll do the rest.

Through the post

Our handy boxes fit through your letter box so you can get on with your day.


We’ve divided our East Sussex businesses into 3 areas so you’ll only receive information local to you.

Packed with resources

We’ve the best bump, mum, baby and toddler businesses in East Sussex.

Growing with you

We’ll send you a new free box at a time to suit you.